Although painting an industrial facility is similar to painting any other building, there are several painting tips that can help facility managers and owners achieve a durable and professional-looking industrial paint application.

Here are seven industrial painting tips that you may find helpful if your facility is in need of a facelift.

  1. Establish your budget.
    Periodic repainting is an important part of industrial facility management. However, very few industrial facilities budget for paint jobs. This may prevent them from allocating enough money to hire professional industrial painting contractors and get the best paint products required for specific applications. Enlisting the services of professional industrial painters and using high-quality specialty coating systems is critically important, given the harsh environmental conditions present in an industrial facility.
  2. Plan the paint application process.
    The general hours of operation and weather events are two factors that indicate when a paint job can be executed. To achieve the best results possible, surface preparation along with the curing and drying of coating systems should be considered in relation to humidity levels and temperature variations. Two other factors our Florida industrial painting contractors include in their assessments are environmental corrosivity and salinity.
  3. Consider the functional aspect of paint systems.
    When it comes to industrial painting, coatings serve four main purposes:
    – improve the appearance of different structures, components and buildings;
    – provide adequate protection against specific stressors, including high temperatures, UV radiation, moisture, dirt, stains, harsh chemicals, abrasion, etc.;
    – promote safety and increase efficiency in the workplace by indicating walkways and emergency exit routs, restricted access areas, and areas where hazardous materials are located;
    – reflect light to improve visibility in industrial environments that tend to be dark, thus reducing the need for additional lighting fixtures and lowering electricity bills.
  4. Choose high-quality coating products.
    In an industrial environment, the performance and durability of a paint job depend on the type of paint system selected.Besides using premium materials and advanced painting techniques, the most experienced industrial painting contractors inspect the surfaces in need of painting, consider exposure conditions along with the performance required, and review product data sheets before paint application.
  5. Select the right paint color and gloss level.
    Not only will the right color palette and gloss level boost the curb appeal of your industrial facility; they’ll also make your business look more professional and well-maintained. This will increase your chances of getting more industrial contracts and gaining new customers.
  6. Consider “green” alternatives.
    During industrial painting projects, paint odor is more than just a nuisance. According to specialists, paint systems that have a strong odor typically contain high amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can adversely affect indoor air quality and endanger people’s health. When using “greener” coatings with low concentrations of VOCs, you’ll be able to plan downtime on a rotating basis in order to make different areas available for painting and resume work within several hours of painting.
  7. Hire experienced industrial painting contractors.
    For a painting venture to be fruitful, the industrial painting contractors you intend to hire should have plenty of expertise and experience in this industry sector.


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