Surface Preparation

A flooring system is only as good as its bond to the substrate. Complete and total surface preparation is an operation that is crucial to all flooring projects. This takes place before any floor coating materials can be applied. The purpose of surface preparation is to open the pores of the concrete and facilitate the penetration of the coating materials. Bennings preparation equipment is designed for maximum dust control. State of the art shot blasting equipment and stand up grinding units enable Bennings to prepare a wide variety of concrete surfaces, including old coating removal and edging in those hard to reach areas. Visit the video library to see our equipment in action.


Bennings large investment of surface preparation equipment allows us to take on a wide variety of industrial challenges, since surface preparation is the most important aspect of any concrete coating project. Different circumstances and environmental needs must be considered before choosing a product or method of application. Special corrosion resistant polymer coating help us too protect the environment by lining secondary chemical containment areas. Years of experience has taught us which of our wide range of available products would best suit any given set of conditions. For example, we have products available that cure in one hour allowing us to be of service with a minimal amount of disruption to our customers operations.

Commercial floors tend to have more exposure to the public eye thus requiring a more decorative material application. We have applied many decorative floors. One method of achieving a decorative floor might consist of a full broadcast of colored quartz sand or colored flakes under a clear topcoat. Depending on the colors chosen, the full colored flake floor might even render a terrazzo look. Other decorative floors might incorporate a company logo embedded in a strategic location. Some of the commercial facilities we have worked in are car dealership write-up areas, commercial kitchens, cafeterias and food courts, foyers and entrance ways, lavatories and locker rooms, hallways and showrooms, museums, print shops, lounges, animal shelters grocery stores and automotive service departments.


Bennings Painting, Inc. has had the opportunity to brighten up many manufacturing type work environments by simply painting the ceiling and walls. In addition, we can assist with OSHA compliance by color coding the different delivery systems for gas, air, waste, and different types of water including fire lines. Bennings special cleaning procedures have enabled us to be of service in some of the dirtier environments for example bag insulation, structural steel and metal decking being exposed to airborne cutting oils.

Bennings Painting, Inc. has done top to bottom interior and exterior in many places. Some examples are car dealerships, warehouses, funeral homes, medical centers, furniture stores, beer distributors, interior designers, schools & universities, restaurants, dairies, law offices, night clubs, banks, government buildings, nursing homes, sport arenas, print shops, transit authority, museums, utility companies, publishing companies, grocery stores, and churches.


The popularity of this process is due to the resulting strength, durability, and relatively low cost. The hardness property of concrete is largely determined by cement hydration. That is the chemical reaction when Portland cement is blended with water. The reaction produces calcium silicate hydrate, a desirable paste that holds aggregates of all sizes together. A by-product is a softer calcium hydroxide. The rapid erosion of the calcium hydroxide leads to dusting and premature wear of the concrete surface. As Bennings diamond polishes the surface we introduce a lithium silicate, which reacts with the calcium hydroxide to produce more of the harder calcium silicate hydrate. With easy care and proper maintenance these floors will remain shiny and hold up to traffic for years to come.

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